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At P4 Clinical, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the exceptional service that they deserve. Supplies orders will be filled and delivered as quickly as possible, however please allow 48-72 hours for the delivery of supplies to your account. Thank you.

New York Rules and Regulations mandate that laboratories give clients only those blood collection supplies that do not have multiple uses, that are directly related to the collection of specimens and in amounts proportionate to the specimens received from the client. Supplies and containers for our laboratory services, allowed by State and Federal laws, are provided at no charge.

Type Units Qty.
SST 100/box
Lavender 100/box
Blue 100/box
Red 100/box
Yellow ACD 100/box
21g X 1in. 100/box
21g X 1.5in. 100/box
22g X 1.5in. 100/box
23 Butterfly 100/box
21 Butterfly 100/box
Needle Holders Each
General Req Each
OB/GYN Req Each
Supply Form Each
Report Paper 1/Pack
Report Paper W/Logo Each
Type Units Qty.
Specimen Bags Each
Large Bags Each
Bandaids 100/box
Alcohol Preps 100/box
2X2 Gauge Package
Gloves(S) 100/box
Gloves(M) 100/box
Gloves(L) 100/box
Paper Cups EA
Unrinalysis Vials EA
Sterile Cups EA
24 Hour Collection EA
24 Hour Collection w/Preservative EA
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